sweet september week

i think my sugar level just hit a record-high this week. i’ve never ingested/experienced this much sweetness in a week! (^_^)

kim and i had krispy kreme for merienda for three days straight. between the two of us, kim is the one with a sweet tooth but i just had the same sweet cravings this week. i’ve just developed an addiction to mister donut‘s donuts n’ dip (belgian chocolate). i also found myself nibbling haw-haw milk candy or mik-mik sweetened milk powder while at work.

in addition, i’ve been eating with pms-like takawness. i’ve been cooking a lot this week. my menu included chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken and sweet chili chicken (i just invented the recipe for this last one, hehehe).

last wednesday, i finished an order of pesto pasta and fries with dip at nyfd before watching resident evil: afterlife in 3d. on normal non-pms days, i never finish my food! then on friday, kim and i tried yellow cab‘s dear darla pizza and baked potato wedges at glorietta 5. both are yummy and worth a repeat.

and then yesterday, we had shakey’sbunch of lunch and mojos for dinner at market!market!

after dinner, i still wanted to have sbarro’s grandma’s pizza and baked sitti in white sauce or one of kenny’s healthy meals or tokyo-tokyo’s tonkatsu sumo meal or pancake house’s taco, that one with lots of onions. but i know my hunger was pointless,takaw-tingin as the elders would say, so i just diverted my attention to the huge fullybooked store in high street. there are just way too many stick-on notes, stickers, notebooks, 2011 calendars and bookmarks (and, of course, books, but i stayed away from the shelves because i still have eight new books on my to-be-read pile) that i didn’t realized i’ve been scavenging for more than two hours! here be a photo of my loot (worth around P1.2k):

also, another sweet thing, i’ve cleaned ALL of my footwear and organized them (stored in boxes because i don’t have enough space for a rack). i’ve set aside a few pairs to be given away this christmas.

oh, and flowers, at krispy kreme high street.

all this sweetness, i love it! i’m gaining weight? y/y?

p.s. sorry for the photo quality as my digicam has just been re-admitted to the service center, this time due to a problem on the flash. i’m currently drooling over this so if you have any leads please do drop me a note and i’ll love you forever.

p.p.s. i have a new blog [travels for two].


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