cooking for two

when i started cooking, everything was just for myself so there’s not much pressure to talk about. how my food turned out didn’t matter because i had no choice but to eat whatever meal came out of my kitchen experiments. as they say, love your own. (and also, don’t waste anything and save your allowance.)

and then my boyfriend started requesting that i cook for him. the first time i agreed, i had only one condition: you asked me to cook, so you better be sure you’d finish whatever i cook. (i made scrambled eggs, by the way. and it came out too salty. ha-ha-ha!)

the rest as they say is history, and now my boyfriend genuinely loves everything i cook. he begs me to cook for him and he gets excited when i tell him that i would. so, i got used to making meals for two even when he’s not around (his share becomes my baon or is re-heated for another meal of the day), hence the title of this blog.

so here, i would be posting my recipes, which are combinations of stuff i read on books in my trips to powerbooks (up to this point, i don’t own any recipe book because the good ones are expensive. poor me.) i also get tips from my sister and mother, cooking shows on television, cooking games on my iphone (seriously!) and, of course, the internet. in the process, i hope to meet other cooking devotees and learn from them.


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