111th monthsary

the 14th this month fell on a tuesday and i was at work until 9 p.m. so kim and i weren’t able to take a 7:38 p.m. photo together. i just took a photo of myself and sent it to him. he replied saying he also took a picture of himself but he didn’t know how to send mms using his new phone. when we met after my shift, he showed me his 7:38 p.m. photo and he was topless! i told him: i was able to write a note for my photo and you couldn’t even put a shirt on? and he said, well i took a shower before taking that photo!

we were supposed to catch the last full show of resident evil: afterlife but it still wasn’t on in 3d at greenbelt so we just had dinner at california pizza kitchen in glorietta 3. we had five cheese and tomato pizza and chicken milanese. after that, we went to the coffee bean and tea leaf at greenbelt 3 for some caffeine fix in between our doodle pool tournament.

a fun lovely night in its simplicity <3


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