fever, pll, sytycd, margarita, a baby girl, asthma, pimples

monday. i was not feeling well the whole day, dealing with my itchy/runny nose and sore throat. at around 5 p.m., my head started hurting terribly so i went to the clinic to have my body temperature checked – 37.2C, no fever. by 6 p.m., i am having chills so i took a nap on the couch in our department since i will be off by 7 p.m. when i got home, i was able to borrow a thermometer from friend-neighbor kate and my temperature was already 39C (it remained unchanged until 11 p.m., down to 38C). i was able to sleep after that and when i woke up the following morning my body temperature was back to normal – 36.7C. bioflu and koolfever worked!

tuesday. i did a pretty little liars marathon out of curiosity. elvin has been casting the research team and he said i should play aria so i just had to watch. i love the opening credits but the series is… so-so. honestly, i was able to finish the 10 episodes just because i kept trying to imagine who should play who. and my character had too many kissing scenes on the first episode alone (not to mention the subplot on her lovelife seems totally irrelevant). meanwhile, elvin’s idea of abi playing jenna cracked me up. i was laughing to myself every time jenna appeared in the scenes.

wednesday and thursday. i spent most of these days watching so you think you can dance seasons 6 and 7. it made me miss my dance diva days during high school and college. i really should take dance classes again soon.

friday. i spent the day doing the laundry and the night drinking margarita with my mean girls at agave at bonifacio high street. we went home at 5 a.m. the following day – sweet!

kim tagged along just in case we get a little too drunk (we didn’t!). i got cured of cold and cough temporarily after five glasses of margarita, ha-ha-ha!

saturday. i finally met my brother’s firstborn. in the photo below, she was sleeping soundly in my arms <3 she's so small, weighing only 5.61 lbs. she was born on august 19, 2010, which was also my mom and dad's 32nd wedding anniversary so her debut will be celebrated on my parents' golden wedding anniversary!

sunday. linggo ng hika for me. been nursing this cough for three weeks now. meanwhile, i noticed that after trying out garnier products for almost two months, my face became prone to pimples. i never imagined i'd get fond of this clear patch from watson's that was supposed to dry pimples within eight to 12 hours. i'm yet to see if it really works. anyway, i decided i will be switching back to neutrogena products very soon eventhough they are a bit pricey. i hope i won't be needing pimple patches for long.


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