a friday of cheap, discounted, free stuff

last friday, i finally pushed through with my second visit to the dentist for this year. kim accompanied me to the medicard clinic in sagitarrius building, makati. i only went for an oral prophylaxis but the dentist also did four light cures (everything was covered by my medicard) so i had to keep my mouth open for one hour straight. after that, i didn’t open my mouth until it was time to eat my lunch, haha.

we had lunch at shakey’s and we got a 10-percent discount courtesy of my ayala card. after lunch, we headed to globe telecom plaza in mandaluyong to claim these movie passes kim won as consolation prize on the i love globe contest.

our next stop was robinson’s galleria for saizen – “a virtual wasteland of everything cute,” according to chuvaness, and i can’t agree more. if like me, you enjoy going to japan home (everything at P88) and uncle bills (everything at P66), you will definitely love saizen (everything at P85).

from robinson’s galleria, we walked to sm megamall so i can finally visit the forever 21 store everybody has been raving about. my first minutes in the store were spent browsing through its pricey jewelry selection, haha. the store was about to crush my expectations until i saw these two pieces.


i decided i have spent enough for the day. just thinking of walking around megamall makes me tired (it’s just too big) and kim was also tired already so we thought of going to shangri-la mall for starbucks. yeah, we had to walk again! we didn’t know if there’s a starbucks in mega and we were just too tired to also ask around, hahaha. so anyway, thanks to hsbc, we had tall frappuccinos for free before heading home.


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