my long weekend

i was supposed to go to bataan for kim’s apprenticeship graduation last friday but i was still not feeling well that morning so i just waited for him at sm mall of asia in the afternoon.

while waiting, i was able to window-shop at zara and then i bought these items when kim arrived. i had to ask for his opinion first, hehe.

to celebrate kim’s graduation, we had dinner at tgif. chicken finger blt sandwich for me and bacon cheeseburger for him.

saturday was spent at home playing and singing with my nephew. and nursing my sick self. then on sunday, we had a small dinner celebration for my mom’s birthday last thursday.

we had pancit palabok (her favorite), roasted chicken and puto. later, the boys gathered at the terrace to “open the bar” with veggie fish balls, squid balls and cracklings for pulutan. the girls mainly eat pulutan, hehe. on moments like this, i like looking at my family, and smiling at the thought of how we’ve grown from a family of five to 11 (already including angel, aya and kim). i like noticing that aside from my dad’s jeep, there are cars parked outside the garage – we all arrived, we are here, eating and drinking together and having happy conversations.

the hard part is waking up the following morning to realize my brother and sister-in-law have taken off the night before. my sister and brother-in-law have returned to manila before i even got up. my dad was already at the farm so i would not be able to say goodbye before i go back to makati. my nephew is sleeping soundly curled on his bed and will be up for school in a few, while my mother is up cooking his baon – i kissed them both goodbye. and before i could even replay that wonderful sunday in my head i am already 90km away from home.


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