urinary tract infection

and i quote makati medical center’s patient discharge slip for me,

“An infection in the urinary bladder can also be called cystitis or simply UTI. The symptoms often appear suddenly and may include burning on urination, pain in the lower abdomen, spasm of the bladder, and blood in the urine. About 30 percent of all women experience UTI in their lifetime, and 40 percent of women who have had an infection will have a recurrence.”

i belong to the 40 percent with recurring infections. i experience uti two or three times a year. and i am guilty that i usually do self medication due to my familiarity with the symptoms. my last visit to a doctor was at a clinic near my previous workplace about two years ago.

but this morning was the first time i saw blood in my urine. and that got me thinking of seeing a doctor. i should have done that three days ago anyway. thanks to kate i was able to reach mmc. she waited until i was admitted to the emergency room before leaving – just to be sure i wasn’t going to back out, haha.

the two doctors who talked to me said the same things i’ve heard from my past consultations. they required me to take a urinalysis before sending me home.

instead of going home, i opted to go to work. i usually say i report to the office despite not feeling well because of the air conditioner, internet connection (albeit slow!) and the television. but today it was for company. if something bad will happen to me it is better that i am not alone, right?

i called the mmc around 4 p.m. for the urinalysis results and i was relieved that i don’t have any life-threatening disease. i was worried it has to do with my kidneys, in particular. but of course that’s not reason for me not to take my medication seriously. i also hope this time i can keep the habit of drinking lots of water.


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