i have been meaning to install some fixtures in our unit. we have no access to anyone with a nail drill so i had to go through the process the conventional way.

i was all set this morning. but halfway through my project, i heard a knock on our door. it was our building’s maintenance personnel. he said one of the tenants at the ground floor was complaining about the noise. i was shocked because i was at the third floor and no one, even my next-door neighbor or anyone from the second floor, was complaining. i told him that i was informed that it is okay to do this kind of work between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. it was already 10 a.m. then. he said yes it is so but that particular tenant is really always complaining about everything and he is worried that mr. tenant might bring this up to the administration if i don’t stop. i was furious at first because (1) he is selfish (maybe he wants to sleep but i want to do my house chores because this is the only time i have!) and (2) i have this theory he’s been bullying mr. maintenance judging from the worried look on the latter’s face and mr. maintenance mentioning “taga-inquirer kasi yun e…” several times during our conversation. well i work there too! but i just rested my case for mr. maintenance’s sake.

once every 30 minutes, however, i would continue with my work. slowly and surely. and hell yeah, i was still able to finish installing everything.


2 thoughts on “hammertime

  1. taga-anong unit ba yun, maiwanan nga ng something sa harap ng pinto. (alasdiyes ng umaga! pagkakaalam ko wala namang shift sa inquirer na pang-gabi bakit tulog pa siya e ako nga gising na!)

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