my new hobby

i was surprised by the excited reactions from my friends upon learning that i am now into costume jewelry making. so, let me just clear that i meant simple jewelry made of inexpensive materials and not those over-the-top large stage costume jewelry (maybe i’ll get into that in the future).

i’ve always loved buying small trinkets and keeping them in a box. i just like looking at them once in a while for a dose of cuteness. i know, it’s weird. for a while, i just buy silver charms and dream of someday upgrading to white gold and platinum. but recently i discovered the joy in cheap metal charms. or maybe i just got poorer, haha.

so, anyway, i started customizing jewelry with this bracelet i got from papemelroti. i changed some of the charms to better reflect my personality/interests.

when i went to brunei in november 2008, i got to buy a few silver necklaces just for the pendants so i have chains that i never get to use. just two weeks ago, i found a pair of spoon and fork earrings and now they are cute pendants of one of my silver chains from brunei. i also made this simple bracelet from one of my silver necklaces.

i am currently working on a blog for selling my creations. please feel free to browse through my first pieces here.


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