my basyang week

basyang was the first typhoon i experienced away from home. that night she landed (july 13) could have been more bearable for me if i were not alone in the unit i’m renting in makati. i just can’t get myself to sleep with the wind howling that night. i even gulped a bottle of vodka cruiser (electric pink!) but it didn’t help. i was that scared. things didn’t get any better as the night deepened. shortly pass midnight, there was a power outage. it happened while i was at the toilet. my initial reaction was to get of the unit and run to the floor lobby where the emergency lights automatically turned on. but the wind was so strong outside and with my tiny frame i swear i could have been blown away if i stayed out for five seconds. so i retreated inside my room and held on to my pocket led flashlight.

i don’t know how i eventually fell asleep that night. but my last time check was around 3:30 a.m. and i was thinking about waking up to stormy nights in the province and running to my parents room and squeezing myself in their bed. i remembered writing about this in my creative writing class in college. our professor told us to write about one thing we fear. i had a hard time thinking about what my fears are (matapang ako e!) but then i ended up writing about how i am afraid of being in an enclosed space while it’s raining and i can hear the raindrops on the roof and the wind howling outside. i wrote that living away from my parents then meant curling under my blanket and crying myself to sleep when the rain is eating up my courage.

i woke up early the following morning. but before getting up, i curled into a ball on my bed and cried like i was just required to. our power lines were still “unenergized” and i would later find out that the unit has also lost water supply. great. and i still had to walk on ankle-knee floodwater on my way to work. but don’t you worry, because i was wearing my plueys.

it was also our 109th monthsary (july 14) and kim texted me that morning that he can’t date me because the weather in bataan is still bad. i was feeling so kawawa na but then he arrived! surprise!

we had dinner at kfc amid the dark makati. our unit’s power lines were “energized” around 8:30 that night. the water came back shortly after. happy monthsary to us!

we continued our monthsary celebration over the weekend. we spent a good deal of our time in the malls – trinoma, sm mall of asia, glorietta and greenbelt. we had our favorite bigmac and chicken nuggets for dinner.

my latest shopping spree included: a top P1,690 (zara, 40% off); skinny jeans (zara trf, 40% off); dress, P2,795 (topshop, 50% off); and my birthday gift jacket for kim, P3,490 (zara man, 40% off).

i also got a blue guess shirt for my mom (it’s her birthday on july 29) and a gap jacket for my dad (it’s his birthday on september 8). i wasn’t able to take pictures because i don’t want to take them out of the paper bags na.

i also bought chains and charms for my latest hobby. i am making costume jewelry, particularly necklaces and bracelets. i am thinking of selling some of them. but for now, i am just enjoying making pretty things, hehe.

on saturday, we watched the last full show of inception in glorietta’s 2d cinema for P0.50 only! we super loved it! the film is more than two hours long but you won’t notice because it’s that good. if you haven’t seen it, go now and don’t forget to tell me what you think about the ending!

on other news, i finally got my digital camera back from the service center! sorry, you missed cebu :(


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