friday food trip, etc.

july 9, 2010. i was supposed to go to edsa shangri-la mall for the eiga sai but none of my friends expressed intent of accompanying me. good thing my college housemates emman and chat were set to go to up diliman so i just tagged along. and of course, we were in shorts and rubbershoes.

we decided to have a food trip in between chat claiming and applying for translation of her diploma.

 barbecue lunch at the beach house

 P25 ice cream at the up shopping center

 P10 cheese corn at casaa

 mang larry’s isaw baboy/manok, P3 per stick

 sbarro dinner at trinoma

what we missed: football boys (to emman’s disappointment), teaching chat how to ride a bicycle (the bike rentals are on a per semester basis), monay with cheese, turon, fishballs/kwek-kwek/cheese sticks, and those awesome cheap burgers near our boarding house in knl heights.

aside from getting myself so full, i also got to buy some cute stuff from the up shopping center (erasers, stick-on notes and labels) and pop culture in trinoma (necklace with sewing kit pendant, P399).

* * *
i was able to watch one film from the eiga sai. it was also my first japanese film festival experience (boo me!) but i hope to get to watch more movies next year. the film i saw was tokyo tower (mom and me and sometimes dad), which revolves around a man’s recollection of his childhood, while taking care of his sick mother. the movie was so touching. it made me cry and look back on my life, particularly those involving my mom and dad as well.

to cap off my japan experience, i had sango!


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