saturday off

finally! for the first time since may, kim and i were on a day-off at the same time.

i was still glued to my bed when kim arrived from bataan because i got home from videoke night with the girls around 6 a.m. already. i barely remember opening the door for him, haha. when i got up finally at 11 a.m., he was doing some research on his laptop while a kettle of water is boiling on the stove. my kettle never whistles, haha.

so, anyway, the rest of the day was spent mall hopping – glorietta, greenbelt, market!market!, serendra and then bonifacio high street.

i got myself a new murakami book (the wind-up bird chronicle) at that huge fullybooked store at bonifacio high street. it was my first time there and i loved going through all the five floors of that bookstore. i also finally got kim a copy of the bro code, which i reserved at powerbooks in greenbelt for our 100th monthsary. i know, it’s eight months late but it wasn’t my fault! to be fair to myself, haha, while waiting for the copy, i purchased the on-the-go version of the book via the itunes store.

i was able to buy two pieces of costume jewelry at market!market! (necklace with robot pendant, P100; with clock pendant, P160) i also got this box of labels containing more than 100 stickers at powerbooks. they’re so pretty!

i found a lovely selection of postcards and stick-on notes at powerbooks but they’re quite expensive so i decided i’d give in to them some other time, haha. kim promised to get me one booklet per month when he has extra money in the future, hihi. i was still not over the stick-ons so i just had to buy those cute superman, ultraman and spiderman stickies set at fullybooked. i also got a free bookmark from powerbooks.

after shopping, we had a greek marathon. t’was a very happy day! <3


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