nine mornings, nine years

in december of 2000, i completed the nine mornings and wished for someone. and six months later, that someone turned out to be kim. nine mornings, nine years. maybe that’s why our relationship has been blessed from the start. so what happens on the 10th year? hmmm…

so, anyway, kim drove us to tagaytay for our ninth anniversary yesterday. never mind that i have a fever. it felt like a korean telenovela and i was praying the whole day that i am not going to die, haha. there’s really something about being with the one you love that takes away all the pain. i have proved that many times. once kim is beside me, i feel okay no matter how sick i am.

kim drove along the whole stretch of emilio aguinaldo highway, we just talked and admired the beautiful wooden and brick houses we passed by. it became very hot by noon so we went up “the sky” for some cool wind.

the first time we went here together was in 2003
i dream of living here (tagaytay highlands)
view of taal volcano from the people’s park

we then had lunch at buon giorno! caffe bistro at the cliffhouse. the food is good and reasonably priced. the resto smells like italianni’s and the menu reminded me of l’opera ristorante in the fort.

view of taal volcano from the cliffhouse

it rained later in the afternoon, so we thought of going to alabang town center. we accidentally took the long route, passing by imus, cavite. in short, we got lost. but we know this song that says when you’re lost in love, you never want to be found, haha, so we just enjoyed our roadtrip.

at our favorite tambay spot in atc

we had dinner at california pizza kitchen. fact: we discovered and fell in love with cpk at this atc branch in 2005.

while waiting to be seated, kim suddenly asked me what i like most about him. he demanded that it should be something very specific (i.e. not just that he’s kind or sweet). i don’t know why but i became teary-eyed that i just know i would burst into sobs if i speak out. it’s on moments like this that i feel i love him so much, hihi. i told him to first tell me what he likes most about me so i would have an idea what kind of answer he was looking for. he said he likes how i have this way of talking to and looking at him when he is down that really comforts him. he mimics that particular look on my face and voice, haha.

i then told him i like how he always holds my hands. he once confessed that when we were still just friends, he’d always think of wanting to hold my hand. that is why he taught me a few guitar chords that one time he had the chance. there was also this one time in church, after the our father song when i thought he wouldn’t let go of my hand, haha. isn’t it sweet? he just wants to hold my hand. you know, like in that beatles song.

when we became a couple, i realized how he really likes holding hands. he first held my hand when we we’re about to cross the street. he suddenly pulled my arm and held my hand but it felt so natural. since then, he would always hold my hand when we’re walking. he holds my hand when we’re seated side by side (or across each other) on a bus, jeepney or tricycle. he even holds my hand when he’s driving. he holds my hand during theme park rides. he holds my hand across or under the table when eating. he holds my hand when sleeping. he held my hands when they had jellyfish stings and rashes from allergies. and now that my hands are rough and dry from the allergies, he still holds them as lovingly and caring as i remember.

we wrote each other love notes <3

108 months. nine years. counting them never ceases to amaze us. nine years but everything always still feels like the first time. here’s to more years together filled with love, life and happiness <3

our love is like our old pairs of chucks that fit us and each other perfectly <3

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