this friday is not in love

this morning, i woke up rather later than i should and had to skip breakfast so i could get to work on time.
in the office, i accidentally scratched my left cheek with my left index fingernail. it left a mark that probably might scar.

by lunchtime, i realized i left my house keys in my bag which i left inside the house. i had to go home and check how i can force entry into my own unit. fortunately, our maintenance person was able to help me. but it also made me realize how easy it is to break into our unit.

after work, i got home to a leaking faucet in the cr. i panicked. i pushed the pipe into the hole in the wall very hard and prayed – lord, please make it stop. i can’t fix this on my own. as of writing, the faucet is as quiet as a sleeping baby, tired from a whole day of playing. but i still have to cancel my bataan trip tomorrow so i can wait for the maintenance person to check the faucet tomorrow morning. because once in a while, it still cries like a baby, awaken at an ungodly hour.

a few minutes ago, my movie date with my angels got canceled because cy got blisters and ice was discouraged by the bad weather.

i really think this friday had her heart broken.


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