not a french film review

last night, i went to the french film festival in edsa shangri-la mall with my thesis partners cy and ice. the 9 p.m. show was l’heure d’été (it’s english title is summer hours but my langofone iphone app translates it as summer time).

i was sort of panicking during the first few minutes of the movie because i was so confused! you see, in french class, we were trained to listen to conversations in french. so, i was both trying to comprehend the movie in french and reading the english subtitles. i don’t think i got to relaxed while watching. it was like a test to me, haha!

but the film was good (plus we watched it for free!). it has a simple plot revolving around a typical family scenario with a little play up on the arts and history. sorry i am not really fond of writing reviews.

anyway, if you have time, go catch a french film/s for free. the festival runs until next week.


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