dancing the night away

i had super fun with the girls at edz’s birthday celebration in il ponticello last night.

awesome discovery: kahlua with milk is legen… wait for it… dary! kuddos to pogo for bravely buying two cartons of cowhead from the 7-11 store below ponti and sneaking them in. super win! */*

but much as i love dance nights, they also make me a bit sad because dancing always reminds me of kim. and it did not help that last night a number of girl-boy pairs (i can’t say couples because i can’t be so sure about that, hehe) ended up dancing in front of me. they made me miss kim more. to distract myself from thinking about how much i miss him and how i wish we were out there dancing the night away together, i had to just dance and dance and dance, even to songs that i don’t have an idea ever existed, and take in alcohol like there’s no work the following day.

thankfully, i did not wake up with a hangover this morning. i did have a hard time pulling myself out of bed, though. well, not that it isn’t like that everyday, haha.


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