after work last night, i dropped by shopwise before going home to buy rubber gloves so i can do my laundry again. yes, i miss it so much that i just have to do it again very soon.

i found this pink pair so adorable, hihi. they are lined with flock and comes in small, medium and large. you can guess what size i got, haha.

around 2 o’clock this morning, i was awaken by the sound of water and the smell of laundry soap. my roommate was panic-laundering for a boracay trip tomorrow. i got back to sleep thinking how envious i am of two things: doing the laundry and going to boracay!!!

so, anyway, i finally tried washing my clothes earlier before going to work and it wasn’t as much fun with the gloves. i can see my hands, well, my gloves, getting wet and my clothes looking all nice and clean but i can’t feel anything. it was like doing the laundry without really doing it. like dreaming knowing i am only dreaming. who would have thought somebody could be this dramatic over not being able to do the laundry? i know many people who would be forever grateful if they wake up one day to find out they won’t have to do their laundry ever.

aside from having to wear my rubber gloves when doing the laundry, i also have to wear disposable plastic gloves when shampooing my hair and washing my face.



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