in a bubble world

i have admitted to being a bubble girl because that’s what i am. growing up, i wasn’t like the ordinary kids who played in the rain, spent the whole day under the sun or ate everything they liked. i was an asthmatic kid and was allergic to almost everything.
i thought i can live outside my bubble. there were times when i thought i have outgrown my allergies. eventually, i have forgotten that i am a bubble girl. i started living carefree – ignoring rules, pushing limits and crossing lines as far as my fragility is concerned. i thought that being brave can combat my allergies. but no.

for four days now, i have been enduring allergies on my hands and feet that i initially thought were minor cases of my usual allergies. it became more irritated as days passed – not very like my usual allergies. i then thought they might be jellyfish stings since i just got back from a beach trip when the rashes and blisters first appeared. the itchiness has been depriving me of sleep so this morning, i skipped work and finally braved my way into seeing a dermatologist in makati medical center. alone. for someone who once dreamed of becoming a neurosurgeon, my fear of hospitals is more weird than irrational. whenever i go to hospitals, i smell weakness and death all around me. i am nervous even in consulting my pediatrician in a small clinic when i was younger.

nevertheless, my first trip to a big hospital was a success. i was able to see the dermatologist and she said my allergies are common to hypersensitive skin especially after beach trips. i mentioned the jellyfish theory and she said with or without jellyfish stings, the same treatment should be made. i hear hate for skin irritation in the tone of her voice, haha. either that or she is trying to sound authoritative. she also inquired about the nature of my work. she must be wondering to what sort of allergens i am exposed. maybe i should have somebody clean my workspace, hehe.

she prescribed a lotion that’s supposed to stop the itching and two oral medications: one to be taken in the morning and the other before bedtime. she told me to come back after five to seven days, especially if i would not experience any improvement.

except for water and dove soap (yes, she even recommended this soap brand, haha), my hands and feet are not to get in contact with any chemicals (i.e. no lotion, perfume, scented soap) and other allergens (e.g. dust). i cannot even do my laundry anymore (detergents are under the no chemicals clause). when i got back from the hospital, i kept staring at my laundry pile and i could have been crying inside.

except for the no laundry part, the dermatologist mostly said things that i already know. or maybe she just reminded me that i am a bubble girl.

i received a call from my mom a few minutes after i got home from my hospital trip. she said she heard i have been sick. i assume my sister told her about my facebook status a few days ago. i haven’t updated my status since, maybe that’s why she became worried. i told her i am doing okay but that i just saw a dermatologist because of my allergies. my mom should very well know her bubble daughter, she instantly made a litany on what food and activities i should avoid and what medications worked on me in the past. she’s more convincing than the dermatologist, haha. at the background, i can hear my father saying that i should watch the food i eat. so, yes, i vowed to go back to my hypoallergenic diet (i.e. no eggs, chicken, seafood). my nephew suggested i eat bacon instead. my mom laughed and said i could eat bacon. my nephew asked if i am sick and i told him no, just some allergies. and he mentioned he also has allergies on his feet. he is allergic to rubber (i.e. no havaiannas, crocs without wearing socks). he likes making connections, hehe. he then asked if i’d be going home this friday. and i said i will.

after hanging up, i applied the prescribed lotion, which costs P420 by the way, on my hands and feet, and swallowed the daytime tablet (P35 each). i fell asleep and woke up around 5 p.m.

meanwhile, at the outside world, metro manila temperature hit a new high-record of 38 degrees, the lady gaga episode of glee was aired and lakers lost to suns tieing the series 2-2. and my cousin just lost a date (me) for tonight.

so this is bubble girl, rolling back into her bubble world. and she will be having bacon for dinner (and taking in a P30 tablet before sleeping. man, these medicines are so expensive).


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