sunday is family day

well, that is before i got this job with the newspaper in september 2009. my sundays have become ordinary working days since. but last weekend i asked permission to have a change day-off (meaning i went to work on saturday so i can skip work on sunday. it’s the best deal i can get for now until i earn my vacation credits) to spend time with my family.

so yesterday, my family finally pushed through with our annual pool trip. (we usually have this tradition on mother’s day but this year that fell on may 9, which is the day before the elections – just one of the many busy days in the life of newspaper people. that meant i cannot take a leave from work.) we were already up around 5:30 a.m. preparing food and stuff in between discussing where to go. by 7:30 a.m. everyone/everything was set except for the venue, haha. this has always been the hierarchy of our concerns – attendance, food and then the place.

we decided to head to valentino resort & spa. my mother is not very fond of traveling and this resort is about 20 minutes from our house (plus we’ve never been there) so it was our first choice this time. we arrived around 8 a.m. and there weren’t many people around. perfect. for most of the day, we had the pool beside our cabana all to ourselves.

my siblings and i payed for the entrance and corkage fees and cabana rental. my mom took care of our food – we had pancit for merienda. rice, hotdog, pork and tilapai for lunch, and chips and softdrinks for snacks. while dad did the driving, haha.

i took this photo from the hanging bridge that connects the resort’s main road to the viewing deck. from there, i can see my nephew and brother-in-law at the pool and the rest of the family in the cabana.

and of course, we took a family photo <3

over every meal of the day, we mostly brainstormed on what to name the new member of our family. my brother and sister-in-law are having a girl and she’s expected to arrive late august. so by next summer, i will have three kids to babysit!

we left the resort around 3 p.m. and made a quick stop at home to drop off our stuff before heading to robinson’s lipa to do the grocery. afterwards, we had merienda and early dinner at binalot to cap off our family day.

aside from being with my family, one thing i love about being in the province is the night sky – perfect for stargazing. and last night, the moon was exceptionally lovely, with venus appearing to be right on top of it. when i looked up my first thought was that the moon got engaged, haha.

photo by yojan17

and that’s just how i remembered my sundays to be. short and sweet. and definitely worth the wait.


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