laundry night

i love doing the laundry. i love it so much i used to do my laundry everyday in college, haha. i love doing the laundry it’s like a hobby. when my friends or officemates complain about doing their laundry. i often joke about doing it for them. for a fee, of course, haha. i bet they find it weird. but what can i do, i can’t help it. whenever i hear the word laundry, i get excited. it’s just one of my switches, haha. maybe someday i should put up a laundry shop of my own. it would house huge spinners, the types that automatically wash, rinse and dry clothes. pure awesomeness, i tell you, haha. a hi-tech laundry service. someday, someday. for now, i am okay with doing my laundry by hand.


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