dear boyfriend,

today we learned about our next challenge. that which the universe fancied calling shifting schedules. you said you can’t bear this situation. that the mere thought of not seeing me as much as you want to makes you weak.

i feel that way too. tonight, after work, i walked home as usual. except that it was unusual because i was crying. i never felt how far away you are from me until tonight. maybe i was just anticipating the many days (and nights) that i would wish you were here with me but you can’t get here. and that even if i would be lucky to find a friend to keep me company (which is hard these days), i would still be hoping it would be you beside me. just thinking about it makes me miss you so much that it hurts.

but i am positive we can get through this together. so please keep holding on to your dream job. you don’t have to give it up to spend more time with me. you can have us both – your dream job and your dream girl, haha! if you want to, of course, i can promise you that. i will always be here. just waiting. waiting for you. only you. oohhh… so cheesy!
we’ll talk tomorrow and fix our schedules. we’ll make quality time that is so good, it would feel like forever and then we can forget we were ever apart.



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