a series of spontaneous events

we didn’t have plans for that night (march 26). kim was supposed to go home to batangas. while i stay for my 11-day working week. but then he just can’t leave me alone, hihi. so he dragged me to go on a movie date with him. it was already late and we had to move fast if we want to catch anything on. i didn’t have time to change clothes, comb my hair or put on some color on my face, haha. and it was funny we still had on the same shirt color without planning to.

best moment: alighting the jeepney on the sight of the red light and jumping over the fence along ayala avenue to get to the greenbelt walkway.

here be a photo of two happy feeling-teenagers making it to the last full show of how to train your dragon in 3d:

* * *
kim and i have been thinking about going back to puerto galera to see if it’s still how we remembered it from six years ago. but it’s proximity to batangas somehow makes us postpone our return trip there thinking andyan lang naman sya. so on the night of april 23 (friday) when kim told me tara, galera na talaga tayo!i, of course, said yes! and immediately prepared food and clothes. also i wasn’t able to sleep. i was too excited! haha!

but so impromptu this trip was that we both forgot to bring our wallets and only had P4,500 bills with us combined. good thing, as it would later turn out, we didn’t have to spend more than what we had because all we wanted to do was swim and laze around and take photos, haha.

we left makati on april 24 (saturday) at around 3 a.m. and was back in time for my work the following day at 11:30 a.m. we had a very quick wonderfun beach escape that felt like three days. and we so love it! <3

puerto galera is still very nice. much like boracay, really, minus the very fine white sand of the latter, of course. because, so far, none of the beaches i’ve been to has ever beaten that. eventhough a lot has changed in puerto galera, it still felt like 2004 to me. take out some of the bars and the houses and add the memories with friends and it would still be the same puerto galera we once knew.

ending this beach story with this spontaneous jumpshot idea i had:

here’s to more beaching (be it impromptu or planned) ahead!

* * *

i don’t know if i haven’t adjusted to our new *smaller* unit but i just kept accidentally banging my head on the wall next to my bed or hitting my elbows and knees to the few furnitures and what-nots we have.

and speaking of accidents, there was this one time after taking a bath, i was changing into house clothes and i slipped. yes, i slipped. i was just standing there or maybe i was standing on my left foot while getting my right foot into my shorts. i don’t really know how it happened. but i just slipped. well, maybe my feet were not all dried up. so, there, i slipped. and while trying to regain my balance i lost control of my right leg and somehow it managed to swing backwards and hit the metal rim of my bed. and by hit i mean hard. and by hard, i mean really hard. solid hit. my heel to the metal. it was like i aimed for it. it hurt like hell that i cried like a baby. and thought of home. so instead of rushing to the hospital, you guessed it right, i went home all the way to the province. on a working sunday. because i am spontaneous like that, haha.

i took that last accident as a blessing in disguise because it gave me an opportunity to go home and bond with my family even just for a day. my sister even got a bit nostalgic having me around. we used to spend sundays together, she blurted out of the blue. so, we – me, my sis, brother-in-law, nephew and kim – watched iron man 2 at robinsons lipa. i can’t remember the last time i went there and imagine my surprised happiness to shell out only P105 for a movie ticket. we caught the 6:30 p.m. show and by the time we exited the cinema around 8:30 p.m. the mall was already quiet with only a few lights on.

i had extra fun watching the movie with my nephew. he kept asking questions and laughing so hard. he gets the jokes!? every so often i would catch him getting bored already and i would ask him if he understands what’s happening and he’d say yes and then minutes later he’d ask me what time the movie ends, haha. when the movie ended i told him we should wait until the end of the credits and he asked why and i said you’ll see. i entertained him by catching familiar names in the credits, we saw a number of kim’s, one jeremy, one kyle and a lola, that cracked him up, haha.

as of writing, i am no longer wearing a bandage (thanks to kim, my dear boyfriend who had some first aid training with the red cross, and to traditional hilot) and i am almost missing it, haha.


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