dream 041410

this dream is so weird especially with mark salling in it because i rarely have dreams that involve celebrities… he even spoke in filipino, haha!

i was in an island. and i lost my slippers (they are mine!!!) but in my dream it was my sister-in-law’s and she went through all the trouble looking for them with her mother and sister. while they were out in search for that P75 pair of black thongs, my brother made me wear slippers that made my feet swell so big they look like inflated rubber gloves. so i just wandered around the island barefooted. i was swimming, hopping from one boat to another, and under the waters were huge colorful fish and some bird fish (they look like birds with wings and beaks and claws but they are fish! what a dream!).

my sister-in-law came back with my slippers but she didn’t give them to me. my brother told me i can ask for them later because my sister-in-law was really upset that i lost them. we were walking uphill which led us to a small opening to the ladies’ bathroom. i suggested we just look for another entrance because i don’t think we can fit through it, considering my sister-in-law was pregnant (and she is pregnant in real life, now, some consistency, hehe). but my brother said his wife will be upset again that we walked up this far only to go back and look for another entrance. a crew of carpenters then came and removed the roof of the bathroom and made the opening wider into a standard door size.

the next scene put me in a garden behind the resort. i was wearing my boyfriend’s petron jacket and then someone pointed out that there were caterpillars (the ones that make you itch. in batangas, we call them tilas) on my jacket. i tried getting rid of them but there were too many of them so i had to remove my jacket. and then i saw there were caterpillars even inside the jacket. i was crying so hard and nobody was helping me. and then i saw hives forming on my arms and legs (much like in real life when i get allergies).

i decided i should just go home. on my way out, i saw my mother and she gave me coins, for fare, she said. i accepted them without a word and when i was putting them inside my pocket they were too many so i dropped some of them.

i was walking toward a store to buy medicine. and suddenly mark salling was walking beside me and when i looked back there was his supposed girlfriend trailing behind us. he put his left arm over my shoulder because i was cold. and i asked him why he was doing that and even pointed out what was obvious that he has a girlfriend who was just behind us. he said, girl-friend din naman kita.


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