friday holiday 040910

if we have known earlier that he would not have work last friday, kim and i could have planned on going to subic to swim with the dolphins or to rizal to surf in a pool (haha!), but we didn’t so we just settled to catching a late movie (clash of the titans. we saw it in 3d just because tickets for non-3d cinemas were already sold out.) on thursday night and then waking up late on friday morning. we had pandesal for breakfast at 10 a.m., and then kim cooked lunch an hour after.

we stayed in a little longer after lunch, browsing through our scrapbooks and reminiscing the fun travels we had together. i plan on updating volume two starting this week. <3

at 2 p.m., we were off to sm mall of asia. and ended up buying white shirts (mine from zara, his from topman and surplus shop) and board shorts (also from surplus shop).

by 4 p.m., we were hungry again and both craved for halu-halo. the line at chowking was so long. we tried searching for an alternative halu-halo store but to no avail. we were already too far from chowking so we settled for burger king sundaes (plus a burger, french fries and free wi-fi = downloaded hangman app in my iphone and beat kim in a few rounds of game with it, haha).

we caught the 7 p.m. pyromusical show and realized how much we missed our good old moa trips. haha!

the day was capped off with a dinner at pizza hut bistro.

we were not able to spend the day trying something new or going somewhere we have not traveled yet, but we were happy to rediscover an old happiness that can still make us happy.


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