on riding the last train

i caught the last train of the mrt last night. and i enjoyed every second of that ride. i feel a little funny thinking about it but it was really like a scene taken straight from the movies. it was like i was being filmed and i was watching myself being filmed at the same time. i know. it’s just that i am not used to riding non-crowded trains here in the philippines. i’ve been to mainland china and hong kong and train rides like what i had last night are normal. but here, it’s like a dream – i wasn’t pushed, i didn’t have to play trip to jerusalem just to get a seat, i was sitting sideways and looking through the window during the whole of my ride, i was able to admire the city lights, and i got to enjoy being alone, i wasn’t scared, i wasn’t worrying about my stuff, my mind was flying, i felt free and before i knew it i have reached my stop. and you could never have guessed but i caught myself muttering “already?” as i was leaving my seat…


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