home is where the heart is

so everywhere i go, i make sure to bring my heart with me.

i just moved into a new apartment yesterday. this is my seventh “home” away from the province. i’ve lived in teacher’s village and krus na ligas in diliman, and kamias in quezon city, pedro gil in manila, and j. victor and washington streets in makati. and now, on a street just beside my workplace.

new place, new life. as of writing, there are still bags of stuff all over the floor waiting to be unpacked and organized. and i am so excited to do just that later when i get off from work. yes, i somehow enjoy moving, haha.

and i enjoy living on my own. i’ve always been independent. i do groceries, i cook, i do laundry, i iron, i clean, i scrub, i do everything. and there are no parents to sneak from, no siblings to blackmail me, and at times… well, there’s just no one.

so, yeah, i can get really homesick. and when i do, i just want to hit the road home to the province. and i imagine bringing all my things with me and dream about never needing to return to the city. sometimes, i would ask my father if he’d let me just stay home and be a farm girl. i’d tell him i could live just by raising pigs and chickens, couldn’t i? but he said i can’t and that i should make use of the education i’ve got. my mom agrees with him.

so, for now, here i am – just trying my best at being a grown up. and on my own.

and right now, i know, i only have one home, and i miss it…


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