thursday, i don’t care about you*

i don’t know how i can possibly sleep with my body feeling all soft and achy at the same time. i hate being sick alone.

as a kid, i’ve accepted that i am sickly to the point that there were times when i have looked forward to being sick. because whenever i am sick, my mom would always be there checking on me, feeding me, monitoring my temperature and medicine intake, letting me drink royal or sprite or 7-up (sometimes i can even make lambing so i can have coke) and buying me junk food and candies and chocolates to speed up my recovery (she would say, we’ll set these aside for now but you can have them when you get well. and when you are a kid that’s a very good deal).

getting well after being so very well taken cared for while sick is the best feeling ever. what asthma attacks, head and body aches, runny nose and sleepless nights? those mean nothing if for a feeling like that…

i was 17 when i started living “on my own” – no mom to take care of me when i am sick. whenever i am not feeling well i would cry silently, imagining my mom taking care of me. truly, there’s something magical about a mother’s touch, even an imagined one.

my subconscious also tend to forget the brand or generic names of my tried and tested drugs just so i can call my mom and ask her what i should take. just so she would know somewhere her daughter is sick. just so she would call me to ask how i am. just so i can also imagine her imagining she is taking care of me. even just typing this is making me feel a little better.

but this day still feels like a monday.

i got home around 1:30 this morning from a funfunfun wednesdate with my boyfriend. he was on his way back to bataan by 2:30. i didn’t get to sleep until shortly pass 4, after he texted me that the bus has finally left the pasay terminal. but then i was already up by 7, when he texted me to say he’s already in bataan. two sleepy lovebirds at school and work, hehe.

i didn’t miss french class but i was 30 minutes late. my teacher remarked tres bien to my answers twice so i guess i have made up for my tardiness, haha.

after class, we had a quick dance practice for a school event on the 13th of march.

then, my stomach started acting up again. it has been feeling upset about something since yesterday afternoon before i took off from work.

i am nearly broke but i had to miss work. nice. c’est la vie.

and just as i was about to fall asleep at around 2 this afternoon, someone from the admin of our apartment called. there’s been a misunderstanding regarding the checks and our cash deposits to their account and stuff like that. my roommate, who was at work, and i just wanted to declare a war, haha. we are so moving out!!!

oh, thursday, why do you have to do this to me? that was not so thursday of you.

if only not for the laundry that i had to do, i swear i could have gotten a heart attack.

here’s to a kinder friday…

*friday, i’m in love by the cure


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