dear boyfriend,

i’ve been feeling not too well since yesterday but i willed myself to go on a dinner/movie/tea date with my adorable mean girls last night. i needed a little help to get by another monday of missing you and these girls never disappoint.

jeng, mica, gerlie and i had dinner together. jeng bought me greek food. as in she paid for it. and i can’t say no. you know how she’ll get upset if i refuse. after getting ourselves full, i treated them to a movie – valentine’s day. gerlie enjoyed it! to our surprise! jeng had to leave for home after the movie, while mica, gerlie and i waited for karen at cbtl in gb3. fun catching up with these girls over cups of tea.

i was home shortly after midnight but it took me another hour to put myself to sleep because i wasn’t able to say a proper goodnight to you. after nine missed calls, i just knew i cannot wake you up.

nevertheless, i was up early this morning. i was greeted by 15 missed calls in my two phones combined from you.

after finally talking to you over breakfast, i still wasn’t feeling any better but i cannot miss my french class again…

i decided that this week will be a blue tops week – a color scheme i just started on sunday to help me do the laundry easier. so, three days to my color scheme and i realized i have just recently worn the majority of my blue tops – as you already know, i also practice wearing my clothes in rotation to avoid them from smelling old or like the closet.

determined to stick to my schemes, i dug deep into my closet and found the paperbag where i keep the clothes i intend to wear for futsal games only. and as fate may have planned it, that collection included a blue shirt – old but still okay.

my point here is that i just don’t want anything going wrong today. i feel like just one thing slipping out of my control can break me…

breakfast, check. had my usual coffee and toast bread.

blue top, check. it says: dance like nobody’s watching. really good advice. i skipped around the house before going to work and it made me feel more-awake.

french class, check. i learned how to form the past tense of verbs and use them properly in a sentence.

house rent, check. i still have to give the deposit slip to the caretaker when i get home later.

lunch, check. packed supper, check. garlic fried rice, bacon and scrambled egg.

work, check. a little progress on my little assignment. but that’s okay because i still have until sunday to conclude it.

i just can’t wait to go home. i have a lot of organizing to do before i go to sleep. you know how i am before bedtime. everything has to be sealed with a kiss. even i used to be sealed by your goodnight forehead-nose-lips kiss…

hohummm… i miss you so much that even the thought of finally seeing you tomorrow somehow still hurts… why do you have to be somewhere i cannot follow?

i hope you are having better days than mine…

je t’embrasse,


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