circusmaryosep atbp.

february 20. because the taal daytrek had to be rescheduled for march, i suddenly didn’t have anything to do on my rest day. so kim and i thought of going to up diliman for isaw! shortly after lunch we made our way to quezon city via bus. i haven’t been to a city bus in months because i just take the jeep to and from work. and i hate taking the train even though it is more efficient and environment-friendly and stuff… it was about an hour and a half busride from makati to quezon city, much like going home to lipa, batangas!

because it was still too early for isaw, i thought of visiting my favorite tambay spots in upd when i was still a student. first stop was mcdo philcoa. we had hot fudge sundaes. and then i had my picture taken with oble – one thing i have always wanted to do. they say it’s badluck until you have graduated.

moving on, i visited my college and took a short rest from walking on the batibot at the cmc parking lot. this is when i noticed the many people heading to the college of music but decided to check what’s happening later.

our next stop was the college of human kinetics, it’s a long walk from cmc but i filled our steps with stories so before we know it we have reached the spot where wendi and i used to stalk certain people, hehehe. kim and i stayed there for a couple of minutes watching an aerosoft game.

after that i told kim there is just one place left to visit – that one spot along the as hall where cy and i sit while waiting for our next class. on our long route there, though, we passed the music hall again and then i just had to go back because i realized it’s the season for live aids. i’ve heard the tickets were already sold out but i thought just maybe there are still tickets available. the 7pm show is already SRO but the girl behind the ticket booth said the 3pm show has just started. i checked my watch and it’s shortly before 4pm already. but the girl assured it is just about to start so there the next thing we knew we were in just as the show was about to start. some things are really meant to be! /

after the show, we went to mang larry’s for isaw. this is the only isaw that i eat. seriously. we brought our isaw to sunken garden and then we had a little picnic there. yes, i actually bought our table spread with me, haha.

i wasn’t able to go to that spot in as because the building was closed already so i thought the as steps would do since i usually wait for classes there too. and that ended my upd muni-muni trip, hehe.

later, we went to trinoma, played at timezone and then watched the lfs of dear john.

we took an ordinary bus home because i am sooo sleepy already and it was the first bus that we saw. the ride was super fast and bumpy it felt like being on a rollercoaster! too bad my digicam ran out of battery, we could have taken photos during the ride, haha.

so, in conclusion, i had a funfunfun day with the boyfriend. i just wish he is always that close to me… whoever will build a bridge that will connect pasay city to bataan, s/he is my next president!!!


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