separation anxiety

i haven’t been sleeping well the past week due to the nightly contests held on our street in celebration of st. john bosco’s feast. last monday, there was a beauty pageant for teen girls and another one for gays on tuesday. there was a dance contest on wednesday, a singing contest on thursday, a little miss pageant on friday, a street party with a live band on saturday and the coronation/awards night on sunday. our neighbors were up all night drinking and singing and laughing. last night, the street quieted down around 5 in the morning. my goodness.

so after the very noisy week that was i am excited because tonight i will be having an uninterrupted sleep. yay! plus it’s already february and i have many reasons to celebrate – the boyfriend getting his dream job, my birthday, our 104th monthsary and heart’s day.

now, if only i can succeed on not missing the boyfriend too much… it’s only his first day at work and the distance kinda makes me a little bit sad already…


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