100th monthsary

when kim and i reached our 25th monthsary, i remember how we were looking forward (excitedly) to our golden month as if it’s an unreachable dream. but months went by and we eventually got there and then became overwhelmed thinking so centennial’s next!

how time flies by so fast. what was just a happy thought happened yesterday. 100 months! who would have thought? of course, there’s my brother and then girlfriend as one proof that couples can reach the 100th mark but they went through the away-bati, on-and-off stage (to be fair, though, they are now very happily married). kim and i were never like that (on-and-off). so far, haha.

so, anyway, kim planned last night’s itinerary. he picked me up from work, with his new haircut, hehe. he had a reservation for supper at l’opera ristorante italiano in the fort. and he already purchased tickets for the last full show of fame.

in between these two activities, we played at timezone. never mind that we were overdressed, haha.

kim also gave me a schützen (oops, german ata yan, hehe) notebook for my french class (excited!!!). there are letters enclosed in the notebook, which made me cry <3

and when i got home, there was a smartbro (with a short touching note, which made me cry again) waiting for me! :D

as for my gift to him, i reserved a copy of the bro code by barney stinson (if you don’t know what this is you should watch how i met you mother) at powerbooks but unfortunately there are still no copies available. :(

so yeah, that night was all him, hehe.

and it was indeed a lovely night (as kim puts it). well done, baby! it has been superfun counting (sabi mo nga parang bituin yan, pag binibilang dumarami) with you. and i know we still have a lifetime to spend counting… years, months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds, heartbeats per minute…


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