a snapshot

june 14, 2009. 7:38 p.m.

i bet people who saw us before this photo was taken can’t help but wonder what we were up to. from the uncontrollable laughters we were trying to keep to ourselves when i can’t get my fingers to form the number 6 to the panic that we might not get to capture our 7:38 p.m. moment still because i can’t perfect 6 to realizing it’s better i play 9 and then holding this pose while setting the camera on timer mode – all these happening under 60 seconds!

the observers’ curiosity might not end there. because after we heard the shutter sound, we both wanted to be the first to grab the camera and have the honor of pressing the preview button. yes, we are crazy. i won, of course, and saw that i did a very good role as 9! yay! (that was me) nice! (that was kim) and then we even did a high five! the observers rolled their eyes. haha.

my fingers do have issues, you know, that’s why this photo is an achievement. a blockmate of mine often joke about me having an extra finger whenever we chat since i seem to always always need to resend my messages due to typo errors, which is frustrating on my part because i am an editor! i also remember this one time when we were in brunei and kim was trying to take a picture of me looking as if i was holding a mosque at the background on my palm. we spent minutes trying to keep my thumbs from sticking out to achieve the effect!
taking a photo at 7:38 p.m. (the time i said yes to love) is actually the highlight of our monthsaries. at least for me. i especially find it fun when we forget about the time and suddenly our cellphones would beep and even without checking our phones we would greet each other a happy nth monthsary while panicking on how we would take our picture. it has happened while we were on a line to a movie, another instance we were already inside the cinema (our phones were on silent mode. they vibrated.) when we were in malaysia, it timed while we were running to board a plane (there were no assigned seat numbers that’s why).

sometimes i wonder if there are other couples who take note of the exact time they became officially girlfriend-boyfriend and is inspired by it the way we do. whenever we kiss as the clock strikes 7:38 p.m. every 14th of the month, it’s as if kim and i are transported to that same time and day of june 2001. kim would usually say, can you believe it we’re xx months old!? to which i reply through another question, what did you feel when i said yes to you? of course, we both know by now the details of that day but somehow we are drawn to talk about it over and over and over again. and the next day we would be like in a day-old relationship again.

*insert daydreamer sigh here* i never thought things can be so magical in real life, in MY real life. and for that, i don’t think i can ever thank the universe enough. *hugs universe*


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