checklist ’08

X – take my vitamins everyday (because sometimes, i forget to refill the bottle…)
√ – exercise at least thrice a week (BUT. on most weeks it’s every other day, some weeks i go three consecutive days or two in a row and then one day far away, hehe)
√ – really save at least 20 percent of my salary (a nice surprise!)
√ – still meet my angels at least once a month (on a number of nightouts, though, one of them is missing)
√ – continue to buy and read more books (more on the reading part, hehe)
√ – buy a new waterproof digicam (thanks to pappi!)
√ – use up all my vacation leave credits (waging-wagi!)
√ – go out of the country (hong kong, brunei and malaysia)
√ – go beaching (la union and coron)
√ – buy a laptop (thanks ulet kay pappi!)
X – enroll in a dance school (but i did perform a dance number during our company christmas party, hehe)
√ – prepare my lunch-baon everyday (kaya nakaipon, hehe)
√ – always update my scrapbook (i also did and is still doing scrapbooks for some friends)
√ – be more patient with my work (i’m still here so can i say i succeeded on this mission?)
X – have my eyes checked (ang tamad ko talaga…)
X – get a new pair of eyeglasses (promise this year talaga…)


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