my cheer-me-up boy

i’ve been having bad days lately and yesterday was no exception. kim might have noticed the long face i was wearing when he picked me up from work. so instead of our usual route home, he suggested we take a long walk around the ayala triangle and then head to pizza hut bistro at the insular life building for supper (his treat!).

he let me talk about my issues and how i am having a hard time at work. how i am losing interest on almost everything. how i am feeling plain tired and sleepy and lonely everyday. and he was surprisingly a good listener, just holding my hand and walking quietly beside me all the time. he occasionally kisses my forehead and says a few comforting words that i need/want to hear. and then over supper, he encouraged me to talk about the usual lunch stories i have with my officemates.

he was also unusually up for pictures yesterday. and i realized we haven’t been taking that many pictures like we used to. see, i even lost interest at camwhoring for a while. too bad, i didn’t have my digicam with me yesterday. so we had to do with the little free memory left in my phone.

we also walked home, taking the streets where he used to walk me to and from work when i was still staying at j.victor. the memories of those days naturally consumed the rest of our conversation until we reached home.

thinking (and writing) about yesterday, i realize how everything felt good. maybe we should do this more often.


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