a quarterlife crisis of some sort

after three weeks of incureable industriousness at work, i am now dealing with tiredness, asthma, pms, bad news and a pair of crooked eyeglasses. or maybe depression simply put.

yesterday i was crying like a baby. i have many reasons to. but thoughts of getting old somehow triggered this episode. i don’t really fear getting old per se but the idea that everyone (and everything or the earth in general) around me is ageing does.

two weeks ago, my mother asked me to fill up a driver’s license renewal form for my father because the words are in a font too small for her or my dad to read.

i checked on a wrong box, i told her. i chose black for hair color.

she laughed, why? should it be no hair?

no. there is a gray option.

last week, my father was showing me the only few hair left on his head. he had it colored black.

i was talking to him on the phone last night, and i thought he was talking slower than i remember.

my sister will be turning 30 next year.

my mom was only 35 when i was in first grade.

my brother is getting married.

so while my nephew is already excited about his seventh birthday, i am here wishing he’ll stay six forever.

kim suggested we invent a time machine. i hope we’ll be successful on this v. soon. haha.

but until then, he comforts me by singing grow old with you to my ears, almost like a whisper, so i’ll stop crying.


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