surfer girl in the house

i know, i know, i have way too many edits to finish, but there’s no use reading those chinglish profiles over and over again if i can’t make sense of them, right?

so, the latest news is that i just got stoked and sunburnt in la union! and it may not be obvious when i’m in the office, but i still get the high just thinking about it. many thanks to my dear futsalmates for inviting me to come ride the waves with them.

being the first-timer that i am, i really got nervous even during the tutorial. so when my instructor, kuya ray, told me he was about to give me my first wave, i was like, already?! haha.

seconds later, there were cheers all around me and a two thumbs-up sign from kuya ray.

successfully riding my first wave really helped me feel confident so after that i fell off just twice. not so bad for a beginner, huh! i also earned kuya ray’s trust as he cued me on bigger waves toward the end of our two-hour session. he taught me how to make left turns as well. now, all i need is to learn how to swim, perfect the paddle, and of course know the right (from the left) turn! haha.

so did i just get lucky? or am i natural? call it whatever. but i am definitely loving this thing. ;)


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