my first csf attendance in hk

i am thinking rather slowly these past days. beating deadlines after deadlines made me like this. :'(

so, anyway, before i even forget it ever happened, i would just like to share how my recent hk trip was.
the highlight of it, sad but true, was the near-death experience during the flight to hk. yeah, how really nice.

maybe i overreacted, but at the least, i would have my officemates to attest just how shaky the plane ride was (and that if there’s one OA person around, it wasn’t me!).

i fondly refer to this story as the if-we-hold-on-together moment, or isang mala-pbb eviction night na tagpo in another person’s words.

one of my colleagues, still teary-eyed, said: nag-flashback na yung buhay ko sa utak ko. to which, another replied: sakin, yung last 24 hours lang kasi nag-away kami ng bf ko. and what was on my mind while i closed my eyes and prayed? it was a still picture of kim’s face, the last glimpse i had of him when he left me at the airport.

i kept calm during the turbulences, but in my head, i really thought it was it. plane crashes, me dies.
thankfully, we arrived safe at hk airport, where we were greeted by a weather report that there is a storm signal number 3 raised in hong kong. how very pretty.

so the first day turned out like this: we spent a good many hours in the hotel, on a bus or a train and under the rain.

good thing, the wind speed did not escalate any further to reach storm signal number 8 *which is the next storm signal after 3 in hk* and the following morning, miss ball of sunshine was already up to greet us.

our second day, and the third and fourth as well, was mostly spent doing interviews, walking around the very huge asiaworld-expo and nearly-crying over our aching feet. very professional, huh?

we shopped a little, at least i did, because some of my officemates bought a lot of stuff, hehe.

i hope next time, we can do more shopping and some sight-seeing naman kahit disney lang.


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