february 14

dear baby,

if yesterday were a cd, it would have been a broken record by now. you see, it just keeps playing over and over in my head. haha.

seriously, it was not what i expected nor hoped for. because it was perfect as a dream. just like heaven – from waking up to your happy heart’s day and i love you sms at midnight to waving goodbye from the window of our fourth-floor unit as you head to work. (and add to that my successful speed editing that resulted in another deadline met 30 minutes before my shift ends, assuring a worry-free evening ahead.)

you know how i always tease you that you are the hari ng sablay so i was just so kilig that you were mr. suave for a day. i know, i know, you’re still wondering since yesterday why i am so dead happy i might cry e andali lang naman gawin nun lahat (your own words) so let me try to explain:

one, i get sad when you don’t exert effort to go to your locker just so you can check your phone and text me even just to say you are thinking of me at work even if you don’t, hehe. so, i am very touched that you greeted me a happy valentine’s day – feb. 14, 12 a.m. sharp!!!

two, i feel taken for granted when you arrive from work and slump straight to bed to take a nap while i get ready for work that you forget to even say hi or good morning. but yesterday, you got home (actually sneaked in that i didn’t notice) earlier than i expected, and surprised me with a good morning hug. early morning lambing is so love.

three, you handblinding (guess who, guess who) and surprising me with not one, not two, but a bouquet of pink gerberas melted me. since when have you been the man of surprises, huh? i think i got so red, and teary-eyed even. gosh. you see, when you texted me asking if i can wait a little more because you’re at glorietta i thought you were getting me one of those big pink long-stemmed gerberas we passed by regularly when we do our grocery that is why i suggested to just meet you there. i was about to throw a tantrum when i didn’t see you at the fx stop. haha. oh, and also many thanks for the scrapbook stuff! that was so thoughtful of you.

four, it was nice of you to treat me dinner at our favorite pizza resto, when you’ve already been such a sweetie that a bigmac would do just fine.

five, you suggested we walk to the jeepney stop instead of your usual taxi na lang tayo just because you feel walking tonight would be nice.

six, just hearing you say (as in with all sincerity reflected in your beautiful brown eyes, hehe) how happy you are to see me happy makes me wanna cry. and i am happy that you are. so we’re two less lonely people in the world, huh? how good is that? hehe.

and, seven, (this will be the last one because we’ll be turning seven in june. what? basta, i-connect mo na lang!) last night was one of those rare times i was not wishing you will not leave for work because i felt like i just had the longest two and a half hours of my life. not enough to not spend a lifetime with you, but enough to rock me to sleep and bring me sweet dreams.

so, i really think yesterday was perfect. in every sense. don’t you think so, too? maybe you are expecting or waiting for me to wish you’ll be mr. suave everyday so we can have days like that forever, but i won’t.

because yesterday was enough to make me realize everyday how lucky i am to have you. just pray this feeling will not expire within the year and you’ll do just fine. haha.

i love you, my kim. belated happy monthsary and heart’s day.

i have homemade brownies for you later. no, i still don’t bake. but i will bake for you someday, i promise.



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