the year that was 2007

last new year’s day, i made this 15-item mission list and here’s what i have *and not* accomplished :

1. not get mad as much as i did last year – check. :)
2. take my vitamins everyday – uh-oh. will try this year.
3. exercise regularly (aside from walking to and from work) – uh-oh again. will try this year, too. hehe. to be fair to myself, i’ve had the most exercise last year than i ever had in 23 years, huh!
4. repair my portable cabinet – bought a new one, instead, hehe.
5. have a timezone birthday party – yay!
6. keep my edit scores at 90ishes – and then i was transferred to a new team. my edits are not being graded anymore.
7. save at least 20 percent of my salary – haha. will try hard this year.
8. meet my angels and hs berks at least once a month – very proud. check, check.
9. buy and read more books – check. harry potter books 4 to 6 (thanks, ate!); macarthur by bob ong; sputnik sweethearts, norwegian wood, south of the border, west of sun and the elephant vanishes by haruki murakami; np and kitchen by banana yoshitmoto (thanks, volts!); white teeth by zadie smith (thanks, ice!)
10. organize a summer getaway to boracay or bohol – boracay AND bohol! yay!
11. buy a laptop – naubos sa trips yung pambili dapat nito. i hope this year na talaga.
12. take more road trips – super more!!! proof.
13. do more scrapbooking – check.
14. write a poem – pwede na. proof.
15. perform a dance number – ito. major kabiguan. :(

other things that happend last year include:

in january 2007, i fell in love with eric’s song by vienna teng, and i became an oth addict.

i turned 23 in february. and had some weird dreams throughout the month.

my edit scores soared 90 above in march.

april, i was transferred to the csr team. kim passed the board. we had a major fight. i started feeling plain tired after work on random days.

i got sunburnt in may. sariaya. vigan-pagudpud. calatagan. laiya. and BORACAY! i watched pirates 3 and started crushing on orlando bloom. this was also the month i got fed up with white lies that was told three years ago.

kim and i celebrated our 6th anniversary in june. i also had my first out-of the-country trip. got homesick in CHINA. bitin sa HONG KONG.

i wrote a poem in july. and said goodbye to my pentax optio wp. visited mites in bulacan.

it rained hard in august and had my first piggyback ride under my umbrella (ella ella eh eh eh). i reconnected with my adviser in fourth grade. first futsal game. kim turned 23.

i deleted several online accounts in september. my dear nanay se passed away on my dad’s birthday. went to camsur with my officemates to escape. kim started working with sykes-emerson.

i celebrated my first anniversary with gs in october. kim started his nightshift. i made him a nightcare package. he started sending cute e-cards.

november was mostly about beating deadlines. and CEBU-BOHOL trip! and giving up on someone.

i lost a mentor in december. rajah turned six. said (hello and) goodbye to my friend joan’s dad. way too many christmas parties and seemingly never-ending gift shopping. our apartment’s first ever general cleaning day. had a new haircut.

a memorable year, after all.


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