i suddenly thought about ma’am zara last night.

i asked emman if he has news about her lately. he said from what he heard last, she’s at home. the tone of his voice told me ma’am zara’s condition wasn’t getting any better. this was my last thought before i fell asleep.

next thing i knew, i was awakened by an sms from joma, relaying the news that ma’am zara passed away this morning.

i know that at the back of my mind i was half-expecting she will not make it. but i also half-hoped that some kind of miracle will save her because i have such great faith in her strength. the last words she told us when we visited her were “i am fighting and moving forward.”

it’s just so sad to accept she’s gone even though i know leaving this lifetime has freed her from the sufferings cancer had brought her.

she’s one of the finest mentors i know. the best teacher i had in high school.

and i would love to go on and on about the memories i had with her but my work is really very very tight these days, so, i end here for now.

please pray that ma’am zara’s soul will have a safe trip to heaven, where she belongs.

you’ll be missed, ma’am.

*ma’am zara has a trademark tone of saying this after our classes.


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