so, after beating one of my way too many deadlines, i decided to take this very short break from my edit marathon to update this blog.

let’s see… since my last post, i had been to the hospital twice due to urinary tract infection, although the first doctor i consulted diagnosed me with dyspepsia. to my dismay. because. i feel so sick and a medical certificate with such diagnosis is doubtful to win the sympathy of our hr manager. the second doctor from another hospital confirmed my suspicions that i have uti. she performed about four tests on my urine and blood, and muttered very alarming and ER a couple of times that i didn’t know then if i should be alarmed myself.

so, anyway, i spent a week of sleepless nights, having to pee every 10 minutes. i don’t know how the hell those bacteria know its nighttime. you see, i was perfectly okay during the day and i worked just fine albeit sleepy especially after having lunch. but come the wee hours, i cried alone and hoped i won’t die. made me miss my mom even though she usually nags when i am sick, blaming me for not taking enough care of myself.

i was feeling better come barangay elections. thank you, lord. i was obliged to be a volunteer coordinator because my dad ran (and won!) for councilor. very very tiring day!

on all soul’s day, i broke my eyeglasses, which i had glued *thanks to locktite* for the meantime until i find a chance to get a referral from intellicare so i can reimburse part of the expense when i buy a new pair. i am so poor! haha.

last saturday, i met up with some of my high school classmates to visit len and her baby. oh, are we getting old! hehe. we also went to see our english teacher, ma’am z. she has breast cancer; please help us pray for her recovery.

and finally, for the latest news, i had my first ever OT last monday. because i had to! but i wouldn’t have to if i have a laptop, so, calling out to anyone out there with a kind heart, do you copy? hehe.

so, there.


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