just a little bit

i have been wanting to write stories about the befores in my life that were gone – temporarily or for good, i am not sure.

like most people, i have lost things, pets, friends, loved ones and even time as well. i can write a novel about all the stuff of life that were taken away from me – because of someone, over time, out of mistake, due to selective amnesia or by forces of nature – and that i eventually learned to let go of. however, i am having a hard time finding the right jumpstart.

for one, i initially planned to share the events in a linear manner, meaning from the very first – dating about 20 years ago – down to the most recent. and after more than a month of not getting anywhere (read: no related post), i realized that i should do this in a random way.

so, i’ll just write about whatever memory strikes me whenever i have time to kill. but this gives me problem number two. my overlapping recollections are not helping. i often find myself thinking about multiple happenings at a time. yeah, because i am amazing like that.

so, i’ll just hope you’ll bear with me.

more next time. i promise.


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