piggyback ride

i moved out from a boarding house in malate and transferred to an apartment in makati about 10 months ago. that was a week after a typhoon, milenyo, i think, and a week before my third first-day of work. i’ve been hearing about knee-high, and at times, waist-high, flood in the area where i live since. the stories even increased when i moved into a new unit last february. but i never experienced the flood until this morning. there, say hello to your story.

just outside our gate, i was reminded of the summer that was crazy and wacky and what-more. the beachfront, i told kim. you should have worn a bikini, he joked.

so, i just know there’s no way i can walk to the jeep terminal. we hailed a couple of pedicabs that passed by but all were occupied. let’s take a taxi, then. but we are so sure no taxi will dare enter a street like that.

kim had a brilliant idea. hold the umbrella and then i will carry you. <3 oh, my hero. i hesitated at first, but i just know i can’t walk through the flood or i’ll have skin rashes by the time i get to the office. yes, very sensitive skin, thanks to asthma. so when he said, my morning exercise, i jumped happily on his back.

people were looking at us. to no surprise. a vendor even quipped, how sweet.

and then we fell into a manhole. end of story. don’t ask.

while enjoying my piggyback ride, i remembered the last time i was arm-carried under the rain. it was in kindergarten. i was a little girl in a pink hooded jacket. my mom held me to her waist, while my sister and brother were tagging mom’s shirt on either side.

rain does bring memories oh so naturally.

so, anyway, i reached the office 7:51am. late. but not dripping wet. not all dry and clean either, though. i had to wash my legs and feet, which were getting reddish already, before proceeding to my station. jeng also suggested that i blow-dry my clothes. which i did.

a happy, rainy morning.

lesson learned: move out. hehe.

btw, the falling-into-a-manhole part is plain fiction. lucky, there seemed to be no manholes along washington st.


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