after-coffee, before-work-mode post

just finished my morning coffee and bread pan (a.k.a. breakfast). haven’t updated my daily gadget (which appears at my multiply) yet. still have to decide which icon to use, yeah, the crucial part.

i am really stressed lately. what will all the editing load and other personal matters to deal with such as budgeting, unpaid dues, being alone, cooking, cleaning the house, scrubing the toilet. tralalalala…

i need to finish three in-depth profiles for the t-shirts and polo shirts csr. today. argh. so, that means i really shouldn’t be writing this post and not be thinking of updating my gadget. but i just had to. that’s called warming up, you know. hehe.

so, here’s my latest news. i don’t play quadrapop in my fon anymore because i keep breaking my own high-scores. so, i just do the laundry almost everyday, now, to keep myself busy. and to un-notice the sadness that fills the room the very moment i open the door and step in. loneliness is now like my shadow. hmmm… funny, i don’t remember seeing my real shadow lately. maybe this sadness made her invisible. now, i’m thinking weirdly.

by the way, i used to do my laundry every single day in college. you can ask my ex-housemates if you’d like to confirm, hehe.

so, anyway, another escapism method i do is scrapbooking. very effective. this activity transports me into a world of my own where there are nothing more than good memories and colorful papers and stickers and nice words. very very happy, indeed.

but at the end of the day, i still sink small into my tiny spot in our unit. alone. thinking. always waiting. until sleep takes me. into yet another world.


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