a seemingly endless summer ’07

if there’s one thing i loved about my hk-china trip, it’s the summer heat. of course, there are other things – albeit my being so homesick especially come nighttime – the hotel (particularly the comforter in my room), chopsticks (saved my ear from the click-clacking of silverware against porcelain), yummy veggies and more yummy veggies, disney shops, charades and chinese english (frustrating and fun at the same time), walking (except for that one day i was wearing closed-toe slip-ons) and reading mandarin phrase books among others.

so, it’s summertime in china. i was expecting a cold weather to welcome the chilling part of me. but no. behold mr. sun shining down on me. why i didn’t even google makes me wonder, haha. good thing i brought sleeveless and halter tops (the yey part) to go with blazers and jackets (the ick part, have to wear these during interviews and factory visits). funny though, because i also have a pair of bikinis with me.

i thought the bora trip marked the end of my summer, so just thinking about having a seven-day extension with the sun makes me smile. even though we weren’t able to go to a beach (i don’t even know if there’s one in or near shenzhen), it’s still a happy thought.

someday, when i have the money i will make time to chase summer. hmm… chasing summer. nice.

pichoors of my hk-china trip here. only 103 shots for a seven-day out-of-the-country. career low. tsk. hehe.


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