a bus ride to remember

a day after my graduation’s second anniversary, i found myself aboard a fort bonifacio bus to ayala from market!market! – and seated side-by-side a newly-licensed chemical engineer.

he is the sole passer out of the 13 first-time takers from his school for the april 2007 board examination.

the results – his name included – had just been released online. the good news reached him only through text and he is still unsure whether he is really on the list or not. i can see he was half-hoping it is true, and the rest of him does not want to believe it yet.

nevertheless, looking at him, i am in awe. beside me is a chemical engineer in an everyday shirt, a pair of maong shorts and chucks. and he is smiling like a baby, close to tears even, because he passed the board exams.

i am so proud of you, engr. khris israel mendoza atienza. my king. my husband. my love. (300? haha.)

see official results here.


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