blue tuesday

hmm… i think i might have bipolar disorder. hehe.

so, i was five minutes into calling sick for work, but i decided to report to the office anyway. i wasn’t expecting much that needs to be done so i figured spacing out in front of this monitor would help kill my time.

i am feeling so monday now. so blue. i am disappointed, mostly, of myself. of the other person’s reactions. of the surreal scenario.

i wish i could just erase the memories of last night.

take all the pain away. mend the hearts that were broken. dissolve the sound waves of the hurting words. rewrite the script. loosen the grip on the wrist. put hugs and kisses in place of the angry fists. bring back the trust, pride and dignity that were lost.

i am actually half-believing it was all a bad dream. it can be. maybe it is.

but it’s not.


i am more-unwhole than i already knew i was. i’m so sorry…


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