10 things

i was tagged by hana.

“Those who get tagged must write in his/her blog ten weird things/habits or little known facts about him/her. At the end of your post, list six people you want to tag. No tagbacks!”

1. i love the smell of freshly mowed grass.
2. the smell of pages of new books actually encourages me to buy my own copy instead of borrowing. this is after having someone tell me the book is a good-read, say, a referral from ice or kate should be worth my moolahs. yes, i don’t just sniff them, silly, i read them. again and again.
3. i smell almost everything. don’t be surprised if i sniff the pencil i just borrowed from you before using it. yeah, i have a thing with fragrance. but who doesn’t? sobra lang talaga siguro yung sa akin. hehe. and of course, i also like good-smelling boys. haha. now, that’s not weird.
4. i like dipping potato chips in coke. doesn’t sound weird to me since one would usually drink soda when he or she eats potato chips. but some people i know find it out-of-this-world.
5. i raise my voice during arguments just to avoid crying.
6. i squinch when i am about to cry as a desperate attempt to fight the tears.
7. i am an oc in disguise.
8. i love chemistry and trigonometry.
9. i used to write poems way back when i still have plenty of time to kill. my composition has been stuck at 168 since i don’t know when. that’s why i included writing one decent poem on my mission ’07 list.
10. only a few people know that i can draw.

tags: aloi, amy, ate geli, emman, jobert and rhea


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