the heart brings you back

hey, friend.
it’s been two years. how time flies.
your vacation is taking too long.
when are we stargazing at puerto galera, again?
which reminds me. summer is just a few sunsets away.
dunno why, but it makes me miss you more.
funny how when you got farther from here, you became closer to me.
i admit it. oftentimes, i still cry when i remember that day you left. there would be nights when memories of our moments together back in college would visit me. and it makes me wonder why i never held on to those thoughts tighter. longer. even worse, i can’t comfort myself and say that i’ve made the most out of those times. that i experienced them fully. consciously. if i had only known that those were all that i was ever gonna have with you. for now.
btw, i always forget to thank you for a couple of things:
for leaving me a tune. it made my singing better. but you’re still and will always be the better singer. i’m just the second-rate, trying hard copycat.
and for leading me to my current workplace with your angel, to whom you are playing angel now.
still dunno why, but i believe you have something to do with all this. so, a many thanks to you.


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