so, i just realized that i wasn’t able to blog that much in 2006. argh. no sweet november post. no dear santa post. no new year post. no whatever. :(

blame the policy on internet usage in the office. which. i signed on my (3rd) first day of work. hehe. yep, even now as i type this post, i am being monitored. and might get into trouble. hehe.

oh, but i can explain. i have already submitted my articles for the 0703 ish last december 28, while the rest of the team is still struggling to meet the third and final batch deadline today. i am fresh from my new year’s day dehydration, which made me miss two working days. still dealing with the combustion of two liters of dextrose infused in my system. despite my not very well self, i am halfway through my deliverables for 0703 ish of our other magazine. positive to meet the first batch deadline on monday. my writers are not yet responding to my clarifications, though. for all i know, they may be blogging at this very moment, too. that’s why. i need to blog. ayt?!

anyway, in the spirit of the season for new year’s resolutions, this year, i will:

  • not get mad as much as i did last year
  • take my vitamins everyday
  • exercise regularly (aside from walking to and from work)
  • have a timezone birthday party
  • repair my portable cabinet before moving into a new apartment
  • keep my edit scores at 90ishes
  • save at least 20 percent of my salary
  • meet my angels and hs berks at least once a month
  • buy and read more books
  • organize a summer getaway to boracay or bohol
  • buy a laptop
  • take more road trips
  • do more scrapbooking
  • write a poem
  • perform a dance number

in that order. :)


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